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JCCB annual fundraising drive

Group B's turkey hung in the cafeteria
November 20, 2020

This year’s annual fundraising drive for the Johnson County Christmas Bureau was planned and organized by StuCo, or more specifically, Student Body Treasurer Gage Chapman.  “I deal with the proposal...

SM North holds first Virtual Hispanic Heritage Program

Josie Lenati films one of step dance practice routines after school. “Everyone is just so on top of it, it’s very rare that I take more than two takes,
November 18, 2020

On Nov. 19 at 6 p.m. SM North’s first virtual Hispanic Heritage Program uploads on KNDN's youtube channel.The program was initially scheduled to be published on Nov. 13. Main program leader and video...

District board meeting summary Nov. 10

The following is a recap of the special Board of Education meeting, where guest speakers provided information regarding gating criteria, transitioning back to remote-only learning, and recent effects the pandemic has had on staffing
November 18, 2020

Johnson County Department of Health and Environment chief epidemiologist Elizabeth Holzschuh spoke on gating criteria and transmission rates of Covid-19 in Johnson County as a result of opening schools...

Shawnee Mission School District mock election results

November 16, 2020

The 2020 presidential election was pretty close throughout the race, with some states like Wisconsin being won by only 20,000 votes. However, the SMSD mock election was as far from close as you can get. The...

A family business

November 9, 2020

Katye Cormack, who also teaches AP Government and American Government, was named the Student Council sponsor this year. “When I first started teaching I did Pep Club for about five years,” Cormack...

First-time voters at SM North

November 9, 2020

With voting finished in the U.S, new voting records are being set in states all across the country, a big part of that is from young voters. A CNN poll showed that 51 percent of registered voters, ages...

All about the Leather Jug: Cross Country

November 3, 2020

For those who aren’t involved in Cross Country at North, the leather jug is most likely an unfamiliar term. The leather jug is more than just a jar made of cattle hide; it’s a team challenge. “One...

Shawnee Mission School District Mock Election

Shawnee Mission School District Mock Election
October 30, 2020

With election day fast approaching, the Shawnee Mission School District decided to have an election of their own. The mock election includes the U.S Presidential election, the U.S. House and the U.S. Senate,...

Meet North Alumnus Dave Jorgenson – A Washington Post video producer, TikTok creator and author. 

A behind the scenes photo of Dave Jorgenson creating at TikTok.
October 28, 2020

Heading into his senior year of high school at SM North Dave Jorgenson, had no plan for his future. “That panic [of not knowing what to do] really set in and I think Tate saw that in me,” Jorgenson...

MAP testing at home: yay or nay?

October 27, 2020

MAP, or the Measure of Academic Progress, is a digital adaptive test that is taken by students of all grade levels. It is designed to measure students’ current knowledge based on what is expected of...

The whole nine yards

Coach Walter leads the football team to their first game of the season.
All about SMN's new head football coach this year
October 19, 2020

Shawnee Mission North announced back in January that Andrew Walter would be the new varsity head football coach for the 2020 school year. With experience with coaching staffs at Blue Valley Northwest,...

2020 Picture Day

2020 Picture Day
October 19, 2020

Picture day for SM North looks a little bit different this year. Picture day will be held at North on Oct. 20 and 22, and both in person and online students are invited to participate.  Students can...

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