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Newsmagazine for Shawnee Mission North High School

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Newsmagazine for Shawnee Mission North High School

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Cafe Gratitude Review

Owned and operated in KCMO, Cafe Gratitude is a restaurant that strives for wellness and health-based food and drinks

All plant based and organic restaurant, Cafe Gratitude is located in the Crossroads District of Kansas City, Missouri with few other locations in California. The Kansas City location was opened in 2012 and its owner and operator is Micheal George. It serves a variety of cuisines and dishes and puts a delicious spin on health food and drinks. Whether you are in the mood for a warm pumpkin spice latte or a hearty burger they have everything. 

Another positive about this establishment is that they are extremely accommodating to any dietary restrictions that you might have. Whoever you are, you will find a delicious meal. This establishment is more expensive than most sit down restaurants, however it is definitely worth the extra expense. Because of the high quality and unique ingredients they use and putting so much effort into making the delicious food they need to get the profit they deserve.

This restaurant is usually never over packed so you and your party will be able to have a comfortable meal. A unique aspect about Cafe Gratitude is that they have a daily question for you to discuss with your group. Usually it is a philosophical subject that you will enjoy hearing everyone’s perspective. It is a cozy ambience with comfortable chairs to enjoy while eating your meal. 

Another distinctive aspect about Cafe Gratitude is that they provide tonics and juice cleanses. This is where you drink just different types of juices for about a week to help cleanse your body. My personal favorite foods to get from Cafe Gratitude are the garlic roasted potatoes and their pesto macaroni. 

In addition to the drinks and meals they also provide a variety of sweet treats. They have baked goods, smoothies, and milkshakes. Anything you get from this restaurant will be exquisite and you will be able to taste the love put into every dish. Anyone who is in the Crossroads area should go to try Cafe Gratitude at least once because of the great variety and tastiness of the food. This establishment receives 5/5 Golden Carrots. 

Address: 333 Southwest Boulevard Kansas City, MO 64108 

Owner and Operator: Micheal George.

Rating: This establishment receives 5/5 Golden Carrots. 

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