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Newsmagazine for Shawnee Mission North High School

The Mission

Newsmagazine for Shawnee Mission North High School

The Mission

Redux Society

Read about Redux Society, a hidden gem of a bookstore in KCMO
A mural outside the building

What makes America great? This is the question that prompted the foundation of Redux Society, a bookstore in the Crossroads District of Kansas City, Missouri.

Upon opening as an Independent Bookstore, Owner, Lucy Kull and Redux staff sought to find the answer to this question. They used their storefront as a social experiment to come to the conclusion that America is a great place because it’s where people can come together and foster community.

Redux Society takes that conclusion further, hosting book fairs, game clubs, and dance classes. After having received many recommendations, I finally visited their store to put their mission to the test.

When I walked in, I was surprised. Their large storefront is filled with books, games, and other little knick knacks made by local artists and writers. They have an attached ballroom where they host all of their social events.

This place was clearly a hidden gem, but even more of a gem, is the storefront guardian, and spoiled cat, Hondo. Hondo might as well be a celebrity, he has themed merchandise including stickers, posters, tshirts, and hats, has his own cat room, and a preferred purple armchair from which he watches over the store.

Their book selection is definitely impressive, but may not be to the interest of everyone. They heavily focus on fantasy and role playing, and have many novels, but are missing some key genres that might be of interest to some visitors such as biographies, poetry, and nonfiction.

They have reading material for most ages, but are mostly geared towards Adults, and Teens. They do not carry children’s books for Grades K-6. That being said, little kids are still encouraged to read and visit the store.

Overall I am impressed with their dedication to creating community. It is clear that they want to support everyone and bring people together. In their store they carry original book cover art and home designed stickers, and also invite self published authors to share their work.

They are also dedicated to supporting other Independent Bookstores in the area, and even go so far as to invite other bookstores to sell at their location at events such as book fairs. This local business does in fact fulfill their mission and receives 4/5 stars. This is definitely one of my go to bookstores in town, and I hope others will make a point to visit in the future.

Redux Society, Owned by Lucy Kull is located at 215 Southwest Blvd, Kansas City, MO 64108

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