Spring Sports are back

After a two year wait, teams and coaches are ready for Spring Sports.

It’s been two years since there has been a Spring sports season that included meets, games, and matches, and the excitement surrounding this season is growing.

“I am very excited for the players to be able to compete this year. The team is looking forward to the season and that enthusiasm is energizing for all of us,” Head Tennis Coach Jon Durham said.

Since there wasn’t much of a season last year, coaches aren’t sure what type of talent the Freshman and Sophomores on their team have.

“I’m more excited than I am going into other seasons because not having a season made me miss it more,” Head Track Coach Aaron Davidson said. “It’s basically been a two-year break, and just the excitement of kind of not knowing what you have coming back is kind of like the fear of the unknown, but I would say this is more like the excitement of the unknown.”

A lot has changed since the last full season, and both coaches and athletes have had a lot of adjusting to do.

“Well, we have had amazing weather for the first week of practice! That is different. Since I also have the opportunity to coach Girls Tennis in the fall things are not as different for me this season,” Durham said “For the athletes, they are adjusting to the various protocols and procedures that are different from other seasons.”

For the track team, the adjusting goes a little farther than all the new protocols and procedures.

“Since our last full track season two years ago we’ve got five new coaches, so half of our staff is new from two years ago,” Davidson said. “It’s going to be fun to see how those coaches do in the new role that they have.”

Although track is based on individual performances, it takes the whole team to succeed, but protocols have made it a lot harder to come together as a team.

“We’re not going to be able to meet nearly as much as an entire team this year, so track is going to feel a lot more individualized for the athletes this year than it has in the past,” Davidson said. “Usually we try to take an individual event or athlete, and try to get them to think along the lines of a team mindset, but this year it’s going to be a little bit tougher to do that since we’re trying to keep people separated.”

Although a lot of things have changed in the last two years, hopes are high for the season.

“If we can get as many kids as we can to the end of the season, meaning fill up varsity spots and get people qualified for state, I would say that’s a successful year,” Davidson said.