SM North girls bowling team places first in regionals

Anna Miesner, Writer and Editor

Senior Kayla Anderson (right) holds her phone while reading off the results of regionals. “We had gone to Freddy’s after we were done because our coach thought we all bowled really well,” Anderson said. “The results were posted and my coach goes ‘You girls got first place!’ We all looked around at her like ‘what no way’. I personally couldn’t believe it at first, I was shocked but also so proud.”   (Anna Monteer )


North’s girls bowling team places first in regionals and will be heading to state competition next week.

Regionals were different this year, they had a morning and afternoon session, therefore teams had to wait for results.

With a final score of 2633, some of the top scores for the girl’s team include Junior Alyssa Williams with 563 and Senior Kayla Anderson with 552.

Photographers were not in regionals, all photos were taken after the competition.

North’s girl bowling team smiles for a photo with icecream shortly after being announced that the team was state-bound. (Matthew Cunningham)