Don’t Even Try It: Netflix Needs to Stop Showing Ads

We don’t want your ads, Netflix! As you may already, annoyingly know, Netflix is “experimenting” with new video promos for their original content.  And similar to YouTube, these advertisements are only sometimes skippable. So while I’m binge-watching “Orange is The New Black”, waiting anxiously to see if Daya’s going to pull the trigger, I’m forced to watch a full-screen commercial for “Fuller House”.  Way to ruin the mood, Netflix!

And I’m not the only one who’s mad.  Right now, Netflix has over 100 million subscribers, but since these ads have become more prevalent, many have taken to social media with complaints and threats to leave if the ads persist.  This comes in the same year that even more subscribers threatened to leave after Netflix raised the prices for their premium and standard plans. Netflix better listen before they lose more money.  

If I wanted to see a trailer for a show I think might be interesting, I’d just hover over the title until the trailer played.  That’s the closest thing to an ad I ever want to see from Netflix. I mean, what are they trying to do, be Hulu? They are different apps for a reason.  Don’t even try it Netflix!


Luckily, there’s a way to stop the madness:

How To Opt Out of Ads


  1. Launch Netflix in a web browser (not the app) and log in.
  2. On your computer – click your profile picture on the top right of the page

      On mobile – click on the three dots on top of each other on the left side of the page

  1. Select Account.
  2. Scroll down to Settings and select Test Participation.  
  3. Toggle the “Include me in tests and previews” button to off
  4. Press done