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Don’t Even Try It: Netflix Needs to Stop Showing Ads

Mystika Allison-Barnes, Opinion Editor/ Writer

August 25, 2018

We don’t want your ads, Netflix! As you may already, annoyingly know, Netflix is “experimenting” with new video promos for their original content.  And similar to YouTube, these advertisements are only sometimes skippable. So while I’m binge-watching “Orange is The New Black”, waiting an...

Netflix and… Kill?

Hana Smith, Contributing Writer

October 27, 2015

It’s almost Halloween, you know what that means? Pumpkins, candy, costumes, and most importantly, scary movies. Which brings up a HUGE problem that a lot of people have- finding ‘’good’’ movies on Netflix and other streaming services. We all know there’s a ton of different options, and s...

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