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Don’t Even Try It: Netflix Needs to Stop Showing Ads

Mystika Allison-Barnes, Opinion Editor/ Writer

August 25, 2018

We don’t want your ads, Netflix! As you may already, annoyingly know, Netflix is “experimenting” with new video promos for their original content.  And similar to YouTube, these advertisements are only sometimes skippable. So while I’m binge-watching “Orange is The New Black”, waiting an...

English Class Struggles

Kali Deck, Writer

February 28, 2016

From having to do years and years of summer reading and then coming back to school and analyzing two to seven books a year, it’s come to my attention that either classic literature or English teacher’s preferences tend to be more on the depressing side. I get it, these books are acclaimed classics...

Why I, a millennial, am not ‘feeling the Bern’

Kylie Cameron, Online Editor

February 25, 2016

Let me get this clear before I start; yes, when Senator Bernie Sanders announced his run for presidency, I was ecstatic, just like every other millennial out there thinking that he was the hero that we all needed. However, I am now seeing that he is not the leader we need, and here’s why. He’s to...

Kylie Jenner Wheelchair Controversy

Kylie Jenner Wheelchair Controversy

Tevin Oller, Editor

January 6, 2016

Kylie Jenner. A part of America's most talked about family, the Kardashians. Jenner always seems to be in the news. She was in the news again this time for posing in a wheelchair for a photoshoot in Interview magazine. Personally, I think it is appalling that this idea went through. "Oh, how coul...

North’s Elevator

North’s Elevator

Tevin Oller

October 27, 2015

Try to think of your ideal elevator. Does it have a heavy door before entering? Does it have a metal gate that if not shut, the elevator will not work? Does it have a need for a special key to access? Does it creek? If this isn’t your idea of an ideal elevator then North’s elevator definitely isn...

Summary: Democratic Debates

Summary: Democratic Debates

Nell Gross, Editor-in-Chief

October 21, 2015

On Oct. 13, the Democratic party held their first debate, which was hosted by CNN. The five Democratic nominees discussed all the hot button issues, such as income inequality, gun control, and foreign policy. This debate was much different than the one that goes on on the other side of the aisle, th...

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