Kylie Jenner Wheelchair Controversy


Tevin Oller, Editor

Kylie Jenner. A part of America’s most talked about family, the Kardashians. Jenner always seems to be in the news. She was in the news again this time for posing in a wheelchair for a photoshoot in Interview magazine. Personally, I think it is appalling that this idea went through.

“Oh, how could you hate her for that?” You might be saying. Well, I have the experience of seeing the pain wheelchairs can signify. You can say how cool it is to have a wheelchair, but to put it bluntly it sucks.

Independent? Ha, they can try to be as independent as possible, but eventually the handicap bites them in the butt they might not be able to feel. Heck, their hands might not work to their full anymore but they still finds ways to make daily tasks work. If they don’t they just have to ask for help and hope they get it.

And that’s where this problem is. Does Jenner even know the pain that comes with being wheelchair bound? Does she understand that wheelchairs are a crappy way of life that if everyone got a chance to change they would? Does she understand what that picture means at all for the wheelchair bound?

Yes, let’s dress up sexy for a cover and be in a wheelchair. Most can’t even defend themselves as it is, do you think that this won’t tickle someones fancy. We have enough pain as it is, all we need is someone to sexualize the wheelchair and person.

So please, Ms. Jenner and everyone else thinking this is a great idea. Try to at least think about our pain and the other issues we have.