Enrollment: Everything You Need to Know


With the new semester comes enrollment for next year. Students may have noticed a poster in the music and theater wing, detailing enrollment presentations based on grade level and information you need to know in order to attend. In these sessions, students receive course listing sheets and enrollment cards, and will have time to look through and decide what classes they want to take, as well as ask any questions they may have.

SM North counselor Deanna Griffey wants to stress to students the importance of thinking hard about the classes you sign up for.

“The master schedule is built based on what students ask for,” she said.

In the following weeks, students should also look forward to working on their course planners. This is where you will go back over your data from work you did in YouScience and Xello, so you can take classes tailored to what your own career interests are.

“This is the time to think about what they want to do [after high school],” Griffey said. “The connection to YouScience and Xello is to take those results and put you in classes that would be good to give you some exposure and prepare you for that career.”

For example if you were interested in getting into the medical field you might choose a med-science course or exploring medical health careers, etc.

“It’s about making that connection between YouScience and what their results were,” Griffey said. “Hopefully [students] did YouScience thoughtfully and carefully, so that it’s accurate.”

She assures students that even if they didn’t, they can always go through and take YouScience again more accurately. Your results don’t have to stay the same and can change from year to year.

There are always students that are unsure of what direction they want to go in or what they enjoy, which can be hard. This is why it’s that much more important to use your resources.

“One thing I always tell students is, even if you don’t know what you want to do, you can look at a course and think ‘well, I can live with that for a semester,'” she said. “And I’ve had a lot of students, sometimes they’ll end up not getting into a class they wanted, and we have to put a different elective in, and they end up loving it.”