Instagram flooded with SMN gimmick accounts


In recent months, North has been hit with a surge of Instagram accounts related to the school. These accounts are run by students and instead of being associated with a sport or club, they typically have some sort of gimmick. 

One of the more popular ones is smn_naptime, which posts pictures of people sleeping. People typically stage themselves sleeping in outrageous positions and places, but sometimes people submit photos without the permission of the person in the photo.

“They get to the point where they’re out of hand,” Sophomore Chloe Knaus said. “And if people don’t want photos taken of them, it’s pretty rude and can cause a lot of trouble.”

These accounts range in popularity from 61 followers to 704 followers, many students even opt to follow multiple of these accounts. 

“I follow three or four of them because I know who runs them,” Knaus said. “But other than that I don’t really follow them.”

Typically, and this goes for most things, the more entertaining the account is, the more popular it is. The ones that are more popular seem to be more comedic, a lot of the time at the expense of others.

“I like the parking ones,” Knaus said. “They’re pretty really funny just to see how stupid they are. Especially since now I started driving, seeing them makes my day better knowing that I can park better than others.”

But it’s not just North, even students over at East and Northwest have fallen victim to making gimmicky Instagram accounts with such accounts as sme_eating and smnwslackers.