Candy Land (Homecoming 2018)

Zeva Rose Gebhard

This year’s Homecoming Dance is this weekend, tickets will be $15 for singles and $25 for couples. Tickets for the dance can be purchased during students’ lunch this week leading up to the dance and at the door at no extra cost.

For Stuco Exec. Board member, senior Allie Kempfer, planning year’s homecoming was easier than past years. But this was no coincidence, since planning for SM North dance’s is nothing new for her. From planning last year’s Homecoming and W.P.A to assisting with the Dynamic Duo Mixer earlier this year, Kempfer has learned the ins and outs of school dances.

“One thing that’s better this year when planning the dance is my stress levels,” Kempfer said. “Last year I was stressed about everything not going right and this year I know that even if it doesn’t go exactly how I planned, it’ll be fine and everything will work out.”

This year’s Homecoming theme is Candy Land.

“I was looking for ideas and I saw a dance that was candy themed,” Kempfer said.

For Kempfer, this choice for the theme was a good fit since she was figuring out ways to incorporate candy and colors into the dance. Also at this years’ Homecoming Dance, for the first time there will be photo stands featuring candy themed photos including a throne called ‘King Candy’.

For the homecoming dance, Kempfer said, don’t be afraid to go with friends. While some students will be going with a date, students can still go with a group of friends or even on their own.

“In my opinion, it is actually more fun going with a group of friends rather than going with a date or just another couple,” Kempfer said. But for those who are thinking about asking someone to this years’ dance, she continued, “Don’t be afraid to ask someone out if you want to. Even if you don’t wanna date them, and you may not know them that well but it’s still fun to go through the process of asking them out.”