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A.R.T. finishes last show for the fall season

Kali Deck, Writer

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The last show for A.R.T.’s fall season of, complete with a Star Wars theme, finished on Friday night in the Margaret McClatchey Little Theater by filling up the house with laughter and puns.

The Star Wars themed show was a battle of jokes between the rebel forces and the evil Darth Rader (played by senior Daniel Rader), and the final defeat of Lord Rader’s terrible puns. A.R.T. members decided to take characters from the trilogy and revamp them to fit each member’s personal roles.

“I played it off as an evil version of myself, like if I were to use my jokes to take over the world,” A.R.T member Daniel Rader said. “I’ve always been quite the jokester in the drama department, and everyone both loves and hates it, so we decided to make that trait into the evil villain of Darth Rader.”

An A.R.T. show’s theme is only half of the performance however, the other half is a mixture of individual skits written by the members. This season’s skits ranged from a redneck dating show, to campers beating a sasquatch in a sass battle, and even a resurrection of John Cena from a ouija board. One of the most hilarious acts though was Kori Martiny’s job tips skit (written by Nola Vincze) where she gave “helpful” advice to surviving a high school job.

“She [Kori] talked about being honest with your employer, lie during your interview, just quit when your job gets complicated, your job description is really just a suggestion, and you should just work in a clothing store,” A.R.T. member Nola Vincze said. “All in all five tips, and she said these will all the sass in the world.”

Another memorable moment in the play was a very brief cameo by Corey Goodburn dressed as Sylvester Stallone in nothing but basketball shorts and tennis shoes, doing a version of the Nae Nae on stage.

“After our Wednesday night rehearsal, he (Bartlett) suggested it (the outfit) when he was giving notes,” A.R.T. member Corey Goodburn said. “I was hesitant at first, but it’s theatre and crazy random stuff happens all the time.”

The show Friday night filled the Little Theater all the way into the back wooden step seats, and one can only see why. The night ended with Noda (Yoda played by Nola Vincze) taking back her rebel forces by defeating Darth Rader’s terrible puns with her dangerously hilarious jokes, saving A.R.T. from destruction.
“A.R.T. is like a family to me,” Rader said. “We always love and support each other; always have each others’ backs. We laugh and have fun together, and no one’s afraid to be themselves and let loose in A.R.T.”

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