SM North students resume in-person learning on March 22

Remote students remain online for the remainder of year

Anna Miesner, Writer and Editor

During the Feb. 22 Board of Education meeting, Superintendent Mike Fulton announced that secondary schools will resume in-person learning. 

The BOE originally approved the resolution that adopted the reopening plan last summer. During the meeting, Fulton explained how the progression back to in-person was made. 

“As our understanding of COVID-19 grew, our practice changed,” Fulton said. “Tonight is a natural progression of that change process.” 

Throughout the year, secondary schools have mulled between in-person and all remote classes. Fulton made the decision on Nov. 30 that all secondary students would temporarily move to remote classes after staffing issues. 

Secondary schools resumed in-person classes on Jan 25 after the BOE approved a new substitution staffing plan on Nov 16 through the Pinnacle Staff Group. 

On March 22, all students will be back in school, in Higgins’s email he explained how one group was exempt from this.

This plan does not impact students who chose the remote learning model,” Higgins said. “Those students will continue to learn remotely through the end of the school year.”