Students and Their Jobs- Erica Torrez


“I started [working at Baskin-Robbins] right after school got out last year. So it’ll be almost a whole year. It’s pretty good because in the winter, you don’t have any customers so you can just work on homework and the people who work there are around your age so it’s a lot fun. You also get to sample as many ice cream flavors that you want throughout your whole shift. My least favorite part though, is how messy it gets, I come home very very sticky. Also, my manager loves to schedule me until closing and it gets a bit taxing getting home late every night and then going to school. We have a couple nice regulars, there’s this old man that comes in every week and gets the same cone, he came in one time and I said his order to him, his face lit up because I had remembered him. There’s also this lady that comes in and brings her recyclable quart every week and she always tells her life story like I don’t remember it from last week, but thats okay. I’ve definitely made some friends working with people, I went to go see one of my co-worker’s [Verlondon Johnson] play.”