Student Jobs at Local Businesses | Brian Blood & RJ’s Bob-Be-Que


Jaclyn Honn and Emma Jones

Now more and more often teens are finding jobs, whether it’s because of their own want or family needs. Some of those jobs require students to utilize what they are learning in school, while others don’t an example of a student that utilizes their education in their workplace is Brian Blood.

“Working here is one just a nice real local restaurant, it’s Kansas City bar-b-que so it’s really ingrained in the culture of Kansas City, but it’s also a very kind of homie feel the owners are from the local town I work in the same place I live and go to school at so it’s definitely got a nice community vibe to it that I really enjoy working in. And additionally it’s allowed me to grow and learn some different skills you know I’m in Spanish class in school so I’m continually using that in the kitchen, talking to the kitchen probably about half of our staff in the back of the house, the kitchen area, speaks Spanish, so it’s allowed me to kinda grow and hone my Spanish skills which has made my Spanish class easier. Also, I’ve participated in DECA, I present a category restaurant and food service management, and so since doing that as a school activity and I’m learning the skills I use there and applying them to work, but also using the skills I learn from my boss here at work and applying them back to DECA. Which has allowed me to be very successful and two-time national qualifier in ICDC for DECA Nationals. Also using my technology skills to help troubleshoot problem solve and figure different problems out for the restaurant, that allowed me to be successful, teaching the practicality of hard work, what it means to make money, get a budget, skills a lot of high-schoolers if they’re just focused on their studies don’t get. So I use that a lot to be able to balance school-life with work-life and make sure I’m prepared to be successful when I graduate high school.”