Breakfast and Broadway show brings musical theatre experience to North

Anna Miesner, Writer

On Feb. 26 choir students performed in the Breakfast and Broadway show from 6 to 8 p.m.

The concert’s theme was changed this year, according to Choral Director Juiley O’Mealy.

“In the past, it was Burgers and Broadway,” O’Mealey said. “We grilled burgers and had Broadway songs.”

According to O’Mealy, though the event was a fundraiser, it still brought some opportunities for the performers.

“Musical theater represents a large portion of the overall vocal repertoire,” O’Mealey explained. “However, relatively few students get to sing in our school musical theater productions because auditions are highly competitive. So this gives more students the opportunity to sing musical theatre pieces.”

Freshman Joslyn Joseph performed Pulled from the musical “Adams Family”.

“I chose Pulled because it shows the emotion that some people go through when they’re trying to tell their parents that they found someone that they wanna spend the rest of their life with and they’re scared that their parents may not approve,” Joseph explained.

Joseph has done musical theater previously and has some advice for those who are new to musical theater.

“Try and try again,” Joseph said. “You will not always succeed on your first try.”