Honoring The Fallen

Emma Jones, Photographer

Being the granddaughter of a retired police officer, hearing news about an injury or death of an officer is never easy. On Friday, June 15 2018, Officers Patrick Rohrer and Theresa King were fatally shot while transporting a inmate from jail to a court hearing. Today, June 21 2018, a ceremony was held for both fallen officers at Children’s Mercy Park followed by a procession to a private funeral for Officer Rohrer. There will be a private funeral held tomorrow for Officer King. Over 600 police officers from all over the United States and the state of Kansas attended the ceremony along with the procession. I personally stood in the rain with my family, along with hundreds of strangers to honor the fallen officer. I was moved by everyone that came out and paid their respects to complete strangers and acted as if they knew Officer Rohrer and Officer King personally. Please keep the Rohrer and King families in your prayers during this difficult time.