The start of basketball season


Tevin Oller

After a successful run to state last year, the boys Varsity basketball team is just focused on playing to their ability.

“I just want the team to play to the level I think they can play to. If we play at that level then I don’t think anyone should be able to beat us,” Head Coach Steven Stitzer said. “We’re faster, we’re stronger and that’s what we want.”

One of the key factors that has changed this year comes down to experience.

“We are more mature, there are more veterans on the team,” Stitzer said. “Our depth is gonna be a lot better off the bench where I can put more trusted individuals in.”

A difference the team will have to overcome is the loss of two seniors.

“We lost Nick Perez and Torrence Allen. Torrence was a guard who helped with ball handling and stuff like that,” Stitzer said. “Nick Perez was all-around, mister everything and his hustle was hard to beat.”

But like a phoenix, a new fire takes the place of the previous.

“In return, this year we got (senior) Dalton Morris and I think he can replace Nick Perez. We (also) got junior Danny Bradley and sophomore Avante Williams,” Stitzer said. “Other teams don’t know about those guys yet, but that’s just something else we can add to the mix. If other teams aren’t expecting those guys then they’re gonna have a rude awakening.”

With the new season, Stitzer plans to lean on a more run-and-gun style of play.

“We’re gonna pick the speed up. Walking the ball up like everyone else wants to do in the Sunflower League, we’re not gonna do that and they’re not gonna do that,” Stitzer said. “We’re gonna make them run with the ball.”