Football: Week One: Leavenworth 41; SMN 16


The Indians run out onto the field.

Andrew Keech

On Thursday, August 30, the Indians played their first game against the Leavenworth Pioneers.

In the first half the Indians were led by Senior running-backs Henry Bell and Caleb Denman. Both backs scored touchdowns in the first half after being down 16-0. At the end of the half Leavenworth had the lead 22-16.

In the second half the skills of star running-back Jason Randell of Leavenworth took over. They ran away from the Indians winning the contest 41-16.

“It was a tough loss,” said athletic director George Sallas. “But a team is not defined by one game. Neither is the season.”

The next game will be Friday, September 7 at 7 p.m. against Olathe South. The game will be at the Olathe District Activity Center.


The Indians run out onto the field.

Sophomore Mario Louis rests on the sideline.

Senior quarterback Nick Finazzo prepares to pass.

Finazzo scrambling from defensive players