KSMN Staff Plans on Broadcasting Basketball Game on Cable Television

Andrew Keech

On Feb. 24, KSMN students Kameron Smith and Zaack Brockman will share the responsibility with other students in the district of broadcasting the SM North vs. SM  Northwest basketball game.

This will be the third and final game that the district will broadcast. On January 13 they broadcast a game between SM West and SM East and on Jan. 27, a game between SM West and SM South.

The district gathered video production students from all around the district to broadcast the games. Smith said that North has never been involved in anything like this before.

“I think this is something we should consider doing in the future,” Smith said. “Even if we don’t do it on TV,  we should still find a way to put broadcasts online.”

The North video production teacher North Rosanne Lawler said she liked this idea very much.

“I thought it was great when I first heard about it,” Lawler said. “It will definitely teach these kids a lot of things for future experiences in video.”

Although it worked out well in Lawler’s view, there is still no say whether or not they will do anything like this again.

“I hope we do this again because it was fun and I learned a few things,” Brockman said. “But, we don’t know yet if we will anytime soon.”

The basketball game between North and Northwest will the on Feb. 24 @ 7 p.m. It will be on Time Warner channel 2, SureWest channel 18, and AT&T channel 99. The game being televised will be in the North Fieldhouse.