Open Lunch at North

Administration considers potential end to open lunch policy

This year there is a possibility for Open Lunch ending entirely because the school cannot control all of the underclassmen that are sneaking out of the building. 

We think Open Lunch should stay. 

Open Lunch provides a break from school and offers more variety than the lunch room. Most students would rather go to Chick-fil-a or Subway than eat in the lunchroom anyway. 

Some restaurants like McDonald’s and Burger King are cheaper than the lunchroom, so for students looking to save money, Open Lunch is a better choice. Also there are businesses close by that depend on students coming to eat their food during lunch, without our business they would lose money and could potentially close. 

Open Lunch is a great privilege that seniors appreciate and many students that follow the rules look forward to through their high school years. 

The actions of some underclassmen shouldn’t ruin open lunch for the whole school and our community. 

We think that the school could tweak the policy or put something in place to make it harder for underclassmen who don’t have open lunch to get out of the school.