First really is the best

Brandon Morrison, Coeditor

North has experienced it’s first month of the school year. For the first time students have walked into this building, books are being cracked open and the future is becoming very real to many students. Now is the time of firsts for students and faculty at North. Now is the time to start improving yourself and your school in order to prepare for the future.

Whether you are a freshman just figuring out what you want to do at North, or a senior trying to make sure you’ve taken all of the right tests, all students need to prepare for this school year now rather than later. Even if you have never used your planner or done your homework ahead of time, this can be the first year to do those things.

With the new schedule, all students are facing some changes. No announcements in the second block of the day requires us to look to the North website and read the flyers around the school. This school year participation in clubs could increase greatly in size. Get yourself and your friends involved. Even if it’s the first time you have joined a school club or organization you can still have fun, learn and improve yourself and your school.

This year can be the first time you look into practicing for the ACT and the SAT. College is a few years down the road for most students at North and in this economy, we students need all of the help we can get. Which means the best time to start looking into scholarship opportunities is right now.

North is the first and the best, and its students should reflect that. Don’t wait to steer your education in the right direction, success is easier than you think. Being first actually is the best.