Rich Brian’s Amen Album Review

Rating: 2.5/5

Best Songs:



See Me


Since “AMEN” is the debut album of a web comedian, expectations for Rich Brian’s (formerly known as Rich Chigga) project were pretty low.  Taking this into account, however, Brian’s album isn’t actually trash or something to laugh at. No, it’s not a masterpiece but through this album we can hear his potential if nothing else.  

His flows sound great throughout the entire album and is largely the reason why this album is significant at all.  His bars, despite being rather basic most of the time, are good enough to not be cringeworthy and don’t try to sound harder than they are.  Brian’s tracks are pretty much hit or miss.

“Cold” gets the same amazing production seen within the entire album, but you can hear Brian fighting to stay above the beat in the beginning.  It’s not until a little later in the song that we hear Brian’s voice break through and dominate with his flow. This is why “Cold” is one of the better, more popular tracks.  Other songs don’t get this “break through”.

Brian’s constant dry delivery, at times, comes off as boring especially when paired with exciting production but some songs manage to still be successful.  

One of the instances where this does work is “Glow Like Dat” mostly because the chill, light-hearted beat compliments the mood and lyrical content of the song.  The collaboration with Offset is somewhat unexpected as Brian and Offset are on two very different levels when it comes to skill. But actually Brian steps up to the challenge with a solid hook and verse carried by a more energetic flow.  Basically every other song on the album that wasn’t mentioned or selected as one of the “best songs” just aren’t that notable.

We can appreciate the fact that Brian’s staying true to himself through his lyrics even though they’re typical and uninteresting.  That’s the projects biggest issue. He missed the opportunity to tell potential new fans who he is and where he came from like many great debut albums do.  Once again, the production and his ability to ride the beat are the saving graces of this project, making “AMEN” average with some promise for the future.