Justin Timberlake’s Man of the Woods Album Review

Mystika Allison-Barnes, Writer/Designer

Rating: 3/5

Best Songs:


Say Something


Pop icon, Justin Timberlake takes us into the wilderness with his fifth album “Man of The Woods”.  

The first half of the album includes more upbeat, hype production, prompting Timberlake’s lyrics and delivery to be the same.  Unfortunately, most of these songs sacrifice both lyrical content and vocals for tracks that feel more like unimpressive anthems than real songs.  Even though that may be, he does take care to incorporate a variety of genres from rock, hip hop, pop and most notably country, folk, and blues.

The last three genres are what we begin to hear in the second half and connects the music to the title of the album.  He transforms himself into a woodsy, outdoorsman, going fishing and even comparing his love to survival supplies.

With song titles like “Flannel” and “Livin’ Off the Land” (which opens with a commercial from the woodland survival show “Mountain Men”), you should be able to tell exactly what Timberlake was going for with this album.  

But even with all of the new sounds, most of the songs are just not that memorable and don’t give the album much replay value.  “Man of The Woods” is definitely not the icon’s best work, but it does have it’s shining moments.