Winter Formal postponed and changed to mixer

Winter Formal has been changed to a spring mixer, scheduled for Apr. 1, Northman festivities will remain as scheduled


Miguel Tapia Becerra, Staff Writer

Winter Formal has been postponed via an email sent out to students on Jan. 19 from Principal David Ewers. SM East has postponed their dance, SM South has canceled their dance, SM Northwest and SM West will still hold their Sweetheart dance as planned. 

“The event will shift from being a formal dance to a Friday night mixer with hopes of the event being held outdoors,” Ewers said. “We will have more details on the theme of the event at a later date.” 

Northman festivities, however, will still take place. Crowning of the 2022 Northman will be held during halftime at the boy’s varsity basketball game on Feb. 4. The seniors voted for the top 10 Northman Nominees last week. Below are the top 10 candidates. 

Connor Bell 

Brett Buckbee 

Major Ewers 

Yahir Fernandez-Alvarez 

Nathanael Getahun 

Sam Kier

Cameron Lee

Kyle Richardson 

Zach Setzkorn 

Eliot Theissen-Scott

“We will continue with the crowning of the Northman on 2/4/22,” Ewers said. “The winter assembly will still be held on 2/1/22 with modified student attendance.”

The Northman pep assembly was in question whether it would actually happen. In the email Principal Ewers sent out on Jan. 19 about the update on Winter Formal, it was also stated that Northman festivities would remain as scheduled.

Similarly to the Hispanic Heritage Program, we will be releasing a Google Form that you must fill out to attend the assembly, ” Zach Setzkorn, Student Body President, said. “ We are limited to 800 students so once it’s released, don’t forget to fill out the form.”

Google Form: