What to do over break?


Winter break is a great time to sit around and do nothing. The end of the semester means no school work and the cold weather, shorter daylight time and gloomy weather, it’s no doubt that winter break can be a boring time for students.


However, it doesn’t have to be that way, winter break is a time to go out and enjoy the amenities your city has to offer.


“Definitely visit your local community center,” Mission Recreations Program Coordinator Nick Shepard said. “We’d love to have the students here, for whatever it may be.”


Outside of amenities, students who are interested in business management, visiting local businesses is always a great opportunity to learn valuable information.


“Ask how they started,” Shepard said. “Maybe those juniors and seniors who want to take that business side, definitely go talk to those businesses. They have open doors and they are always willing to talk to the community.”


The most important thing over winter break is to rest and recharge according to Principal David Ewers.


“Try to come back here with a positive mindset,” Ewers said. “Second semester is a fresh start. Try to reset over break, don’t think of it as having to come back to school.”


If you’re interested in other things to do over break, our newspaper team is coming out with “Are You Bored?” on the Holiday Issue, coming soon!