SM North trivia night

Gage Chapman, Writer/Photographer

This school year has been tough when it comes to planning events, some events have been postponed or made virtual, while others have just been canceled all together. This year’s Winter Formal is one of many events that has gone virtual, so Student Council decided to change things up in hopes for more student involvement.

“I was trying to come up with ideas for an event to replace winter formal, and I was thinking about virtual events we could try and I immediately thought of a trivia night since I saw ptsa was hosting a virtual one as well,” senior Mekaela Rynerson said.

Although StuCo did a virtual homecoming dance earlier in the year, they decided that trivia night would be better than doing another virtual dance.

“I think sitting down as a class and evaluating the homecoming dance, we realized that winter formal was not going to happen, so we needed to do something else virtually,” StuCo sponsor Kayte Cormack said.

The trivia night will be on February 6th at 6pm and will last for about an hour and a half, it will be 10 rounds and includes a costume contest.

“For trivia night we have availability for 25 teams to sign up, each team being from 3-4 questions. Each team will create a theme to dress to, and a team name,” Rynerson said. “There will be 10 categories with 10 questions in each category, and the questions get harder as you get further through each category.”

As with any competition, there are also prize gift cards for local stores and restaurants.

“It will be hosted via mrs cormack’s webex room and each team will be put in a breakout room to discuss each question. Teams will get 20 seconds to answer,” Rynerson said “We have around $300 in prizes and the winning team with the most points and the team with the best costume will receive prizes.”

Although the circumstances aren’t ideal, StuCo is doing what they can to help the student body have a little fun.

“The goal is just to provide an opportunity for students to be social,” Cormack said. “It’s something fun and free that StuCo could provide as an option for students to participate in.”