2020 Picture Day


Abby Schiller, Writer/Photographer

Picture day for SM North looks a little bit different this year. Picture day will be held at North on Oct. 20 and 22, and both in person and online students are invited to participate. 

Students can preorder photos using the form attached to this article, or the following link. https://www.rollandkc.com/prepurchase-your-photos The code for the link is SMN20.

There are a couple rules and regulations that go on with picture day this year, such as, you cannot arrive too early or too late for the time slot you signed up for. North is only allowing 30 people per time slot and want to make sure everybody gets in for the time they signed up for. 

“The biggest thing is to make sure the students pay attention to the process,” said Assistant Principal Kent Glaser. “They can prepare for that by signing up and being on time.” 

Students must be wearing a mask at all times, and it will only be taken off for the photo. The students are also the only ones allowed into the building, parents must drop their student off or park in the east parking lot and wait for their student to exit. 

“It’s different, now we have to do it in little pieces, so the timing is really important,” Glaser said. “Everything needs to stay on schedule.” 

Students and guardians received an email with steps they need to follow on picture day. 

“It seems very complicated, but it’s not,” Glaser said. “I was just trying to be through.” 

There will be a retake day sometime in November for those students who missed picture day this week. 

“We want them to be involved in the yearbook,” Glaser said. “It’s different, but we want to make it available and everybody be included.”