Northman Interviews

Northman Top 20


  1. What was your reaction to being nominated?
  2. What do you think has been your greatest achievement or proudest moment in your high school career?
  3. What does the title of Northman mean to you?
  4. What qualities do you think the Northman should possess?                                                    Skylar Barker1: It felt like a great honor to hear my name get called and be congratulated by my classmates.

    2: Being nominated as Northman. My other achievements are pashed by me, this is pushed by my fans. I love my fans.

    3: It means that I not only go to North, but that I make an impact in peoples life while doing it.

    4:True leadership: Real leaders don’t make new followers. They make new leaders.

    Duncan Brandt

    1: It was a big surprise because I actually didn’t hear the announcement. So it was a great feeling to hear the news and lots of “congrats” from friends.

    2: The proudest moment I think, was playing with my friends in our brass band in the talent show. Not only did we get first place but also it was a great showcase for our amazing music program.

    3: It means that person has gone above and beyond to do good for our school within the student body and the community.

    4: The Northman needs to be modest, a skilled leader, and a prime representative of Shawnee Mission North.

    Alex Thiessen

    1: Surprised and honored, but mostly honored.

    2: Making competition teams for NJROTC.

    3: Being a good role model and having the tribe tenets.

    4: Dedication, being friendly, leadership and showing the tribe tenets.

    Colin Dujakovich

    1: My first reaction was shock then it turned into a feeling of honor and pride.

    2: My freshmen year on the C-team. It was the last few minutes of our game against Shawnee Mission Northwest. There was a foul. Juan Morales crossed the ball and I headed it in, winning the game 2-1. That was my one and only goal of my high school soccer career.

    3: It means that young man has been a very active person throughout his 4 years in the Brick house. Whether it’s a person’s achievements through sports or academics or how he has touched the lives of other students and staff members. Being a good example for underclassmen and doing the fight thing. Being the upperclassman that a young freshmen or sophomore want to be when they’re a senior in high school.

    4: T.R.I.B.E. Not only possess these traits but also exemplify these traits. If any 20 people in the school to demonstrate them, no better than this year’s top 20.

    Max Mayerle

    1: I was shocked because I thought I wouldn’t be nominated and I was also proud to be viewed as a role model, just like all the other nominees.

    2: Being nominated for Northman.

    3: Northman to me means that I have earned respect and trust from peers.

    4: Northman should be respectful, honest, humble, and reserved. They should be able to lead others when it is time to lead, yet also be able to follow.

    Nathan Hauber

    1: I felt very honored. It’s a humbling experience to be recognized by my classmates.

    2: I’ve had tons but I think being nominated is my proudest moment because my classmates are the ones who recognized me.

    3: It means a lot to me. During my years here I typically look up to the candidates and to be in the same group as them is a huge honor to me.

    4: I believe the Northman should exemplify everything North represents inside and outside out school. He should be a humble leader who is looked up to by his peers.

    Andrew Nevins

    1: My initial reaction to being nominated was super stoked. I mean for the past four years I’ve seen many people recognized for this honor and it is an honor to be named among the other nominees as well as those before us.

    2: I think my greatest achievement/proudest moment was either being elected senior class president or becoming editor-in-chief of the yearbook. Both mean so much to me!

    3: The title of Northman means that you’ve made an impact on the students, staff and school. That people look to you as leader and look up to you. The title should be taken as an honor.

    4: I think the qualities the Northman should have are that he loves our school under any circumstance. I also think that he should be someone who, when you look back, represents North. He doesn’t need to be best looking, most popular or most involved, but the most deserving of the title.

    Ben Burchstead

    1: I was so excited, ever since I was a freshman I had dreamt of being nominated when I was going to be a senior.

    2: Breaking the school record in the 5K this Cross Country season.

    3: It means so much, I always saw previous Northman winners as good role models for the school that younger students can look up to.

    4: They should love SMN. Take pride in attending North. Be involved in various activities.

    Maceo Mitchell

    1: Felt good. I feel honored my peers would do that. It’s great to know that people think that highly of me.

    2: Going to state in my first year of track.

    3: It means a lot, I never thought I would be a candidate; I thank everyone who voted for me, it is very appreciated.

    4: Someone who’s a leader, someone that sets good examples for the under classmen. Also it’s someone who changes North in a good way.

    Noah Kaifes

    1: I tried to fight the smiles but I couldn’t help it. It was a huge honor to be nominated and I felt fulfilled.

    2: 2013 district champion in the 400m dash.

    3: I can remember the years prior to this watching the other nominees walk down the fieldhouse and I remember thinking how cool and popular they were, and now that’s me.

    4: Someone who constantly follows the tribe tenets and strives to go the extra degree. 212

    Scott Johnson

    1: I was very excited and honored to be recognized by my peers as someone that represents the school.

    2: Being named basketball captain as a junior. It was such an honor to be recognized for my leadership so young.

    3: It means representing North the way the student want it to be recognized.

    4: Northman should be a good role model for underclassmen, and should have a positive outlook and a good work ethic in everything they do.

    Lair Heslop

    1: I was very excited to be nominated by my fellow classmates. Northman was something I had always wanted to be nominated for since the first Northman assembly freshman year.

    2: Definitely being nominated for Northman. I feel like all my previous high school achievements have helped me get nominated.

    3: The title of Northman to me means it is someone that has contributed a lot to the school and it students, in any and every way.

    4: I think the Northman should be a well liked person by both his peers and teachers as well as caring for and being a positive impact on the school.

    Alberto Martinez

    1: I was really excited when I heard that I was nominated. I began to get congratulations on my way out to my car. I was hype.

    2: When I met some friends that I know I will have with me till I grow old.

    3: It means an achievement of pride. I would love to represent this school it has done so much for me.

    4: Great personality, a helper, funny guy and proud to be an Indian.

    Mario Garcia

    1: My reaction was just that I was pumped and totally honored to even be nominated for a position like this.

    2: Winning Student Body President as a junior.

    3: Northman means that you’ve mad a huge impact on the student body and know a lot of them.

    4: They should be friendly, respected and a great leader.

    AJ Bonci

    1: I was very surprised and excited. I am very honored to be considered for the title of Northman. I didn’t know that many people like me! Haha

    2: That is a very difficult question to answer. I’d say every moment in which myself and my fellow classmates have excelled musically. District, State, Solos, etc.

    3: Northman is a person who is involved in their school and community. Someone who pays little heed to the differences in grades and treats everyone with respect. One who brings everyone to a higher level.

    4: The Northman should possess the qualities of respect, integrity, excellence… basically all of the tribe tenets and more. A genuine human being.

    John Swagerty

    1: I was overjoyed. It meant a lot to me.

    2: Meeting all the people I have at SMN.

    3: The Northman is the senior male who has worked the hardest to improve Shawnee Mission North and represents North in a positive way.

    4: Honest and hardworking. Someone who you can look up to and respect. Someone who you can look back and be proud they won.

    Jesse Patterson

    1: I was honored to be nominated by my classmates. Being nominated is something I will never forget.

    2: Making the state track meet in the 4X100m relay my junior year.

    3: Northman to me means: an outstanding representative of Shawnee Mission North, who strives everyday to be the best student, role model and young adult they can be.

    4: A leader who demonstrates the tribe tenets to the best of their ability in and out of the classroom on a daily basis.

    Adam Alexander

    1: I was kind of surprised. Also kind of not because part of me was expecting it and part of me wasn’t because there is a lot of guys here that are eligible. If I go back to freshmen year I would never have suspected that I would be nominated.

    2: I would have say getting initiated into A.R.T. and getting into A.R.T. because you have to audition for class and all your work you do in the theater department lead up to that moment. I have wanted that since seventh grade.

    3: It means the person who represents North the best and represents almost every aspect of it. Being good at academics, involved in different clubs and things and shows spirit for the school.

    4: Having spirit, getting good grades, and being a good role model for the underclassmen because even if you don’t think they do, they look up to you.

Erik Hydeman

1: I was excited; I wasn’t expecting it. It was pretty cool to be nominated with all my friends too.

2: Probably swim team last year and this year, sophomore year too, [and] making it to state. It was real fun.

3: Just accomplishing and being a part of the school.

4: I guess involvement; you have to be really involved.