Students Help Rebuild Joplin


The students involved were Shelby Denton (10), Jenny Easley (10), Elissia Hernandez (10), Kelsie Sneegas (10), Riley Leseburg (10), Hailey Marshall (10), Paige Miller (10), Jared Rogers (10), Savannah Rattanavong (11), Jordan Setzkorn (11), Meghan Love (11), Carina White (11), Juliana Guerra (11), Goldia Kiteck (11), Jordan Johnson (12), Jonathan Crane (12), Skylar Cowdry (12), Camille Sudekum (12), Harper Arnold (12), Tristan Abbott (12), Alise Rhines (12), Frankie Baker (12), Michael Armstrong (12), Diane Calderon (12) and sponsors from North were Barbara Nimz and Brad Rose.

Andrew Keech

On February 16 students from North arrived in Joplin, MS to help rebuild and hear the stories of the Tornado that tore through the town in May of 2011.

There were 24 students that arrived in Joplin and 6 adult chaperones.

The Coalition helped stock food for families still recovering from losing their homes during the storm. They also helped cook food for the needy and re-visited the area they cleaned during their last trip in Joplin. Also, the students helped rebuild and clean up  a house for a family.

The students involved were sophomores Shelby Denton, Jenny Easley, Elissia Hernandez, Kelsie Sneegas, Riley Leseburg, Hailey Marshall, Paige Miller, Jared Rogers, juniors Savannah Rattanavong, Jordan Setzkorn, Meghan Love, Carina White, Juliana Guerra, Goldia Kiteck and seniors Jordan Johnson, Jonathan Crane, Skylar Cowdry, Camille Sudekum, Harper Arnold, Tristan Abbott, Alise Rhines, Frankie Baker, Michael Armstrong and Diane Calderon.

The two teacher chaperones were Brad Rose and Barbara Nimz.