Nine seniors nominated for Shooting Stars program

Katrina Anderton

SM North has nine students who have been nominated by teachers for the Shooting Star Scholarship program. The nine nominees are seniors India Dawkins, Katrina Anderton, AJ Bonci, India Dawkins, Chacko Finn, Darby Huddleston, Ben Krouse, Sam LaPuma, Brent Wickliffe and Carina White.

“I was so honored,” said voice classical finalist Carina White. “Last year the teachers asked students if they were interested, this year I was told that they wanted to nominate me.”

Bob Endres founded the Shooting Star Scholarship 17 years ago, for the purpose of recognizing students based on their accomplishments in the arts within Johnson County.

“We try to help work with students to get them through the process,” administrative assistant Susan Pals said.

The Scholarship program requires a nomination from a teacher in one of the nine categories, two-dimensional art, three-dimensional art, literature, production and design, photography, strings, theatre performance, voice classical, or winds and percussion, and then on-going requirements that vary from category to category.

Pals wished each of the nominees “good luck” at the finalist workshop of Nov. 19.

The Shooting Star journey ends for the more than 100 nominees ends on March 30 at the Shooting Star Gala where the winners will be announced. A first place prize of a $1,400 scholarship and second place prize of a $700 scholarship will be awarded at the gala.