SM North’s Brickhouse yearbook prices will increase Jan. 10

Students who have not ordered a yearbook by Jan. 10 will pay $17 extra

Miguel Tapia Becerra, Staff Writer

SM North’s, Brickhouse, the yearbook will increase prices on Jan. 10. Yearbook prices are currently $48 and will increase to $65. 

“Our staff of 12 works hard throughout the year to make a yearbook the student body can enjoy,” People Editor Laurel Hansen said. “In the future, you will look back at your yearbook with your kids and be like ‘I remember this place’ and that’s a pretty cool thing.”

The Brickhouse is a nationally recognized yearbook by the National Scholastic Press Association, recently receiving second place in Best of Show. 

“Not many students know how accomplished North’s yearbook is, especially the design concept,” Hansen said. “A lot of people don’t realize the hard word and time put in to finishing a page.”

Students on the yearbook staff stay after school every Wednesday for what is known as work nights. Here students spend hours editing, finishing, and PDFing pages with Yearbook Advisor Becky Tate. 

“It’s a good thing for kids to buy their yearbook because they can have a record of their history and they can see what happened in the year,” Tate said. “You weren’t always able to scroll back far enough in your phone to find anything and with this, you can just flip right through 2023.”

By mid-Janurary Tate has to send in the number of books purchased to the Walsworth Publication plant. 

“I will take the number of people who purchase a yearbook and send that to the plant,” Tate said. “I only add 70 extra books to the order.” 

Once these extra 70 books are sold out there are no longer any extras available to purchase. 

“This is why it’s important to purchase them (yearbooks) early, not only that, it’s about price,” Tate said. “If you can avoid waiting until later to buy a yearbook, you can guarantee you get one and for a better price.”

Yearbooks can be purchased by contacting the SM North Bookeeper Sherri Lewis (993-6910), Library Media Specialist Sherri Crawford (913-993-7033), or online at Yearbook Forever