New Covid Guidelines

With new variants come new guidelines and mitigation measures


Gage Chapman, Editor

After just one day of going mask optional, SM North hit the three percent mark triggering a mask mandate for 14 days. With a large uptick in quarantines and lots of new guidelines coming out, it can be hard to keep track of what’s happening.

Likely the biggest change going into this semester was the switch to mask optional, assuming the building stays under a three percent exclusion and quarantine rate. If a building goes over three percent then it switches to a mask mandate for a minimum of 14 days and until the quarantine percentage is below three percent. If the 14 days elapses and the building is still above three percent masks, are still required. From there, it goes day by day until the rate drops.

Another change is the length of quarantine. In attempts to keep kids in schools as much as possible, the minimum quarantine period has been dropped to just five days as the CDC recommended. However, this doesn’t mean that all quarantines are now five days. If you get quarantined, you must stay home for five days, but if symptoms have resolved or improved, you are allowed to come back. If you come back within ten days, you must be masked or keep six feet of distance when unable to.

The latest guideline change is a mask requirement at sporting events. If the home school is in a mask mandate then all spectators at the game must wear a mask. If the home school is under three percent or uses different guidelines, masks are optional or different guidelines are followed.

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