Featured Girls Golf Athlete Profile– Jocelyn Armendariz

Varsity Girls Golf Athlete


Miguel Tapia Becerra, Staff Writer

What sport do you play? 

“I play golf and am currently on varsity. When I started playing my freshman year at north, about a month into competitions, and after 2 tournaments I got moved up to varsity.”

How long have you played? Did you start playing at a younger age or did you start here at SMN?

“I’m currently a junior and have been playing since freshman year. Although I started playing here at Shawnee Mission North, I have always been around golfers since I was little.”

What motivates you to keep going?

“Something that keeps me going is to always get a lower score than what I got in my first tournament, as well as practicing every day, just so that I can do better than the last time. 

Do you plan to pursue your sport as a career or play in college or both?

“Okay well, I actually plan on playing golf in college so that’s what I’ll be planning to do in the future.”

Do you have a pregame ritual, something that gets you in the zone?

“Um, no, not really. I mean I always carry snacks with me when I’m golfing because we have to walk the whole course so it’s quite a walk but I don’t really have anything for before the tournament, just kind of practice for a little bit. 

What’s a goal you would like to accomplish?

“Oh, let’s see, I just want to do well in regionals. That would be a great goal to accomplish for me this season.”