Estrella Azul Food Review

Estrella Azul is a Mexican restaurant located in Mission, just off Johnson Dr. and Beverly Ave. Estrella Azul was originally a food truck, but it saw enough success that it turned into a restaurant.

For the review, I decided to go with the street tacos with beef. I figured they would be fairly easy to judge and compare. Along with the tacos, I also got an order of churros since they’re pretty dissimilar.

The tacos came with limes and two small containers, one containing a red sauce and one containing a green sauce. At first glance the tacos look pretty good, they don’t seem to be over or under filled, and the proportions of toppings to meat looked good. After squeezing on a lime and putting on some sauce, I took my first bite and immediately started smiling. The beef and onions combined perfectly without overpowering the other. The shell wasn’t very noticeable in a good way. It was the perfect thickness and didn’t take away from any of the flavor. The first two tacos had the red sauce which I really liked, they had a decent amount of flavor and the slightest bit of spice. The next two had the green sauce, which was a little more subtle and didn’t pop as much, but in my opinion, the flavoring was better than the red.

Next up was the churros, and after having the tacos, I had very high expectations. To say the churros were disappointing would be unfair, but they did leave a little bit to be desired. The churros themselves were pretty good, they had a good crunch on the outside, and the inside was soft and smooth. Where they fell short was the toppings, there wasn’t much caramel or sugar, and as a result, there wasn’t a whole lot of flavor. If there were more toppings I think that the churros would have been really good, but they ended up just being kind of bland.

Overall I enjoyed this restaurant, and I would recommend giving it a try.

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