Volleyball Athlete Profile- Brittan Lee

Varsity Volleyball Athlete



What sport do you play? 

“I play varsity volleyball. I was on JV and varsity my freshman year, but then I played full varsity my sophomore, junior year, and now continuing into my senior year.”

How long have you played? Did you start playing at a younger age or did you start here at SMN?

“Um, I’ve been playing since I was in third grade. I played for CYO which is the Catholic Youth Organization. I now play for a club team called Dynasty Volleyball Academy and this is my second year playing with them.”

What motivates you to keep going?

“Probably, the fact that I’m going to use volleyball to pay for college.”

Do you plan to pursue your sport as a career or play in college or both?

I plan to play in college but so far I don’t think I’m gonna go pro, I don’t plan to.”

Do you have a pregame ritual, something that gets you in the zone?

I don’t really have a pre-game ritual. I just hang out with my team and talk to them, like a team-building and bond thing.”

What’s a goal you would like to accomplish?

“One of my biggest goals is to receive a scholarship to play college volleyball. Yeah, that’s my goal. I don’t mind whether it’s out of state or in-state university, it just depends on who offers me the most money.”