Varsity Cross Country Athlete Profile- Micah Blomker

Varsity Cross Country Athlete


Miguel Tapia Becerra, Staff Writer

What sport do you play? 

I’m currently on the cross country team.”

How long have you played? Did you start playing at a younger age or did you start here at SMN?

“I’ve been playing for 4 years.”

What motivates you to keep going?

“Goals that I have, like future goals that affect getting to college, like running in college”

Do you plan to pursue your sport as a career or play in college or both?

“Both. Colorado or Michigan are my favorite two schools that I would like to get to. After college I would like to run pro, but not for very long, just to experience it. 

Do you have a pregame ritual, something that gets you in the zone?

“I don’t like listening to music. Instead, I try to visualize the race, usually eating a snack like two and half hours before a meet. I then just focus on the meet that’s ahead.”

What’s a goal you would like to accomplish?

“I want to go as far as I can. If there is an opportunity for full-ride scholarships to dream schools then of course I’d take it. It’s about the experience for me.” 

Many people refer to you as a future Olympic athlete, do you feel like you can get there?

My times are pretty good, beating my personal and school records. I just want to go as far as I can.”