Varsity Football Athlete Profile- Jacob Needham

Varsity Football Athlete


Miguel Tapia Becerra, Staff Writer

What sport do you play? 

“Football. I am the safety for the team and I play on varsity.”

How long have you played? Did you start playing at a younger age or did you start here at SMN?

“I’ve played since the 4th grade under a program that’s basically the junior Shawnee Mission North team.”

What motivates you to keep going?

“Just, like to win! I love the competition.”

Do you plan to pursue your sport as a career or play in college or both?

“If an opportunity were to come to me and I could play in college and or as a career then yes.”

Do you have a pregame ritual, something that gets you in the zone?

“The competitiveness gets me in the zone. The biggest strive is to win. 

What’s a goal you would like to accomplish?

“I mean again if the opportunity presented itself, I would of course accept a full-ride scholarship.”