Kindness Week

StuCo sets up fundraisers for annual Kindess Week at SM North


All throughout this week SM North students have been able to participate in a number of activities and fundraisers for this year’s annual Kindess Week, organized and set up by StuCo. 

Senior and Student Body Publicist Natalie Medina played a big role in helping set everything up and creating announcements for the North newsletter as well as a marquee outside. StuCo also took class time to create and hang up posters all around the school. The funds raised with Kindess Week will go toward the One Stop Shop, which is a program through North that helps provide supplies for students in need. 

“I think it’s important to have Kindess Week because I feel that a lot of times, especially now because of covid, some students may feel lonely or not recognized for a lot of their personal accomplishments,” Medina said. “So I think it’s fun to give students and teachers the opportunity to recognize others or themselves. I think it’s just a nice way overall for students and staff to appreciate each other and bring some smiles to gloomy faces.”

The StuCo freshman class set up a fundraiser that allowed students to send a flower to a peer or staff member for $1. The sophomore class did “Crush for Crush”, where you could send a Crush soda to a peer of your choosing, and juniors were in charge of a matchmaker fundraiser where students could fill out a form and get matched up with someone else.

“My favorite part about Kindness Week is the fundraisers, because like with Crush for Crush you’re able to find confidence,” Medina said. “Like you obviously don’t have to write your name as who the Crush soda is from, but I think it kind of pushes some out of their comfort zone to tell your crush you like them.”

The spread of COVID-19 has also affected sales this year. According to Medina, it’s been more difficult, especially with so many students being fully remote.

“It has definitely taken a toll on our sales and it’s been harder to communicate with the remote students as well,” Medina said. “Matchmaker lucked out because it’s all online and we can send remote students their forms, but as for the other sales it’s been rough.”
Despite setbacks, StuCo doesn’t let that stop them and still went ahead with Kindness Week.