Sports getting quarantined

A Q&A with Athletic director Annette Gonzales

Gage Chapman, Writer/Photographer

As Covid-19 cases skyrocket across the nation more teams and athletes here at North are getting quarantined. Although masks and social distancing are required, they aren’t always done properly.

“I would say that [not covering your nose] is one of the biggest culprits,” Athletic Director Annette Gonzales said. “Nobody wants to be the bad person so it’s not a lot of fun reminding students that they have to wear a mask and wear it correctly.”

Covering your nose seems like a simple thing to do, so why are some people not doing it?

“It’s a habit, so I don’t want to say that they’re not [following the rules],” Gonzales said. “There seems to be a few people that struggle with having it on, and have to be reminded, I go in the gyms and I just pull them aside and tell them it’s something you have to do.”

There weren’t nearly as many quarantines during fall sports, so why are they suddenly happening during winter sports?

“If a student tests positive, or if a coach tests positive, if anyone in the location test positive everyone has to quarantine now,” Gonzales said. “Before it was 10 minutes, within six feet, and all those things, but that’s kind of gone out the door.”

Although there have been a lot of quarantines, do you think that teams have done a good job keeping the number of cases low?

“I think that we’re doing the best that we can,” Gonzales said. “I think for the most part we have followed the protocols and done what’s expected of us, and when we haven’t, the students or the coaches have been receptive of it and they know.”