Shawnee Mission School District mock election results

Gage Chapman, Writer/Photographer

The 2020 presidential election was pretty close throughout the race, with some states like Wisconsin being won by only 20,000 votes. However, the SMSD mock election was as far from close as you can get.

The district added up all of the schools and gave them electoral votes based on the student population, for a total of 527 electoral votes. The Biden/Harris campaign won the election with 70.08 percent of the vote, and all 527 electoral votes.

“I’m a mix of surprised and also not surprised. It’s crazy that he took the entirety of the votes, but it doesn’t surprise me too much that Trump didn’t get any,” junior Annika Eisenbraun said. “I mean I expected he’d at least get a couple but it makes sense.”

Senior Anna Harrison was a little bit more surprised about the election results.

“Holy cow, even my brain went speechless,” Harrison said. “I’m sure the students with opposing opinions just didn’t feel the need to get involved with school like that.”

Bollier won the senate race with 59.92 percent of the vote and Davids won the house race with 66.44 percent of the vote, both were democratic candidates.

“I’m really not surprised that Biden was able to win all 527 electoral votes,” senior Hananeel Morinville said. “Thinking of the people that participated in this mock election, a majority of us cannot relate to Trump’s base or lack thereof.

At SM North, Biden won with 206 votes compared to Trump’s 68 votes, Jorgensen and Cohen also had a combined 17 votes.

“Biden symbolizes hope and change to many and after 4 years of Trump, we’re ready to see the change America is in desperate need of,” Morinville said.