Pegah’s restaurant gives discount to furloughed government employees

Anna Miesner, Writer

As the government shutdown continues, many employees have to watch their budget and Pegah’s restaurant intends to make that process easier by offering a $10 discount for government employees who are affected by the shutdown.

“Pegah’s strongly believes in giving back to the community and when the community had a crisis Pegah’s wanted to give back to them,” Pegah’s Catering Manager Kim Hagar said. “That way a least we know that they’re not going hungry.”

Though Hager explains that Pegah’s isn’t making a statement with the discount.

“We’re not saying we’re for or against [the shutdown],” Hager said. “I personally believe that both sides need to do what’s best for the American people.”

The idea to give customers a discount originally came from the owner, Moe Shariti.

“It didn’t surprise me last week when Moe called and said ‘Hey. I wanna run this by you what do you think of it?’,” Hager said. “I’m like ‘Moe, this is us, this is Pegah’s. What a great idea.’”

Hager said Pegah’s makes it a point to help those in need.

“I believe, personally I have been with Pegah’s for five and a half years, and from my point of view, when Pegah’s does something good for the community the community always does something good for Pegah’s,” Hager said. “It’s just Pegah’s doing something good for the community and the community comes back.”

Hager has a message for all furloughed government employees.

“[Do] not worry about the food, we’re a place that they can come into to have a good meal,” Hager said. “Put your concerns someplace else, eating is not one of them.”