ROTC Wins National Titles


Grace Altenhofen, Writer

SM North ROTC captured two titles at the national competition in Pensacola, Florida on April 6-7.

The team placed first in Sit-Ups and Push-Ups, in addition to placing second in Overall Athletics and Unarmed Regulation Drill, third in Color Guard, fourth in Personnel Inspection, fifth in Armed Regulation Drill, seventh in 16×100 Shuttle Relay and Overall and eighth in Armed Exhibition Drill.

This leaves North ROTC with a 72-6 win record, as well as national wins for several individual students.


Male Push-Ups
Aron Ruiz – 3rd Place (123 push-ups)

Female Push-Ups
Jamie Hoffman – 1st Place (99 push-ups)
Arabel Porraz – 5th Place (88 push-ups)
Jolina Justus – 8th Place (80 push-ups)

Male Sit-ups
Logan Mitchell – 6th Place (317 sit-ups)

Female Sit-ups
Ingrid Valle – 3rd Place (318 sit-ups)