Generation Z

The future generation is growing up and already making an impact on our world

Zeva Rose Gebhard, Writer

From their positive views on the LGBT community to being tech savvy, Generation Z is a multicultural, digital native generation. Known as America’s future generation, This group sometimes gets a bad rap. But being the future generation, this group will lead the world.

Ranging from those as young as entering middle school to those just graduating high school, Generation Z or Gen Z, for short, is a group of young adults and teens who are far too familiar with technology. Being raised in an age where it’s normal to have a smart phone in your pocket, It’s no wonder this group on teens are entering a fast changing new world.

With times quickly changing, a lot of that can be contributed to the rise of social media.

Our prior generation, Generation Y or ‘Millennial’s, Grew up with a rise on computers. Whether it’s a home desktop or over sized laptop, This generation grew up with the rise in social media, the first of its kind, You’d most likely find people using MySpace and Facebook. While Generation Z saw a rise in phones and not needed a computer but rather could get their own phone allowing them to take their social media on the go. Today we log into apps like Instagram and Snapchat.

tist who sing those songs, Over the recent years we’ve seen a rise in young women who are outspoken about their feminist based views and political beliefs. A few of these outspoken artist are Beyonce, Ariana Grande and Demi Lovato.

With the digital age on the rise, With each generation we see a change in lifestyle. From Generation X to Generation Z we see more families switching from of listening to music on streaming their music like on Spotify or Apple Music rather than the Radio. We see families watching their favorite TV Shows on Netflix instead of Cable. But these aren’t the biggest shifts between generations…

Between 2000 and 2010 the Hispanic population grew at four times the rate of the general population, according to the Census Bureau. This huge culture shift has caused a rise in Hispanic Americans across our country, making our country not so “black and white”.

Along with this Same-sex marriage has gone from a controversial political issue to a constitutional right recognized by the Supreme Court. For today’s youth, our country’s first African American president is less of a historic breakthrough but more of a fact of life.

Being raised in a day of technology, this group will take in information nearly instantly, thanks to the Internet, but at will most likely lose interest just as fast. The reason for this is because Generation Z and Gen Alpha is being raised in an age where short YouTube videos and six second vines have gained interest and unconsciously taught us how to take in information.