Spring Conferences

Grace Altenhofen, Writer

SM North’s spring parent-teacher conferences will be held on Jan. 31 from 5-8 p.m.

The spring conferences in previous years have modeled the format for fall conferences, with teachers set up at tables in the auxiliary gym and field house. A map in the lobby between the two gyms indicated where different departments were located.

However, the format of spring conferences will be different this year.

“Teachers (exception is SPED staff that will be located in the learning commons) will be located in their classroom so it is imperative you have access to your student’s schedule through Skyward,” a recent announcement read.

This means that teachers will stay in their classrooms while parents and students travel around the building to visit with them. While this format is new to the school, Associate Principal Annette Gonzales says this will give parents and teachers a more private conference.

“It’s a chance for teachers to show off their rooms and it offers more privacy,” Associate Principal Annette Gonzales said. “Teachers can make phone calls to parents from their classroom.”

National Honors Society members and ROTC students will be stationed throughout the school to help guide parents to classrooms.