Chris Zuck bids farewell

Zuck will become the new principal at Olathe Northwest

Tevin Oller

At the start of the 2016-2017 school year, there will be a noticeable change in the North atmosphere. Associate Principal Chris Zuck will no longer roam the halls of North but instead, be the principal at Olathe Northwest.

After being a teacher at North since 2002 and being one of the figureheads of bringing the IB program to North, Zuck leaves on a high note.

“I’ve had a happy 14 years here at North,” Zuck said. “I’ll miss the relationships with students, staff and parents that I was fortunate enough to have here at North.”

Zuck is excited to take over Olathe Northwest and work in the community he lives in.

“Olathe Northwest has an established tradition of academic excellence with a high bar set by Dr. Poss,” Zuck said.

There has been no one selected yet to fill the vacancy.

“I know they will get someone great,” Zuck said. “This is a fabulous job.”