Red Ribbon Week

Tevin Oller

During the week of Oct. 26-30, the hallway walls were covered with the the names of all the students on red pieces of paper with a ribbon on them in honor of Red Ribbon Week. Students frantically looked for their names and took their ribbons down to see if there was a stamp on the back that awarded them candy.

This year however, the back of the red ribbons weren’t so bare.

“On the back of the ribbon is where to find help if you or a friend is struggling with drugs and/or alcohol,” STUCO sponsor Sara Price said. 

Though the red ribbons were up not much else was done for the week.

“This is something we’ve always struggled with—how to really make this week something different than just simple information regarding drug abuse prevention,” Price said. “We continue to make improvements, but I think there’s more we can do.”


If you or a friend are struggling with alcohol or substance abuse, help can be found at these following resources:

-Alcohol/Drug Prevention and Recovery:

-24-hour, 7 days a week crisis call hotline: 816-361-5900

-Mrs. Sandhaus and/or Mrs. Dorothy, our Social Workers, in Student Services for more help.