Senior Symposium

Tevin Oller

National Testing Day occurred on Oct. 14, for freshmen, sophomores and juniors, but Seniors had a different agenda for the day, the Senior Symposium.

“The whole point of the course offering or the offerings that we had was because at the end of the year the seniors always take a survey about (what) they needed more information on,” Associate Principal Annette Gonzales said.

This marked the third Senior Symposium supervised by Gonzales.

“We used to have a presentation on financial literacy and we had breakout sessions that spoke to four different topics,” Gonzales said. “Mainly we’ve only stayed to the same type of format.”

With this year, the Senior Symposium added more sessions according to what seniors asked for in the survey given earlier in the year.

“We added the career cruising to help seniors comprehend what field you want to go into,” Gonzales said. “We also added the employability skills and that was all about the resumes and the job applications and the interview skills.”

Looking forward to next year, Gonzales has an idea of what will happen to some courses.

“There will probably be changes next year, looking at this year I think some of those topics we’re just going to have the speakers to the whole group,” Gonzales said. “There is information that those students need to hear and some chose not to hear it.”