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Newsmagazine for Shawnee Mission North High School

The Mission

Newsmagazine for Shawnee Mission North High School

The Mission

New and Returning Teachers Enter North

The school year has just begun and joining the faces of new students, are the faces of new teachers.

This year there are a total of 14 new or returning teachers, Andrew Adams, Sara Fielder, Polly Krapes, Zach McKamie, Katie Melcher, Lindsey Nelson, Juli O’Mealey, Ryan Pfierfer, Jim Ricker and Jeanette Rockett.

McKamie, who left to teach middle school for the district, said he is happy to be back.

“I am looking forward to being back at North,” McKamie said. “I think all the students I have taught would agree I am better suited for teaching high school. My style of teaching has worked pretty well with high school students, so I don’t see a reason to change anytime soon.”

With Choir teacher Patrice Solenburger retiring last year, North was in need of a new choir teacher. Juli O’Mealey took the job.

“I’ve always known that North had a reputation for its strong traditions, school spirit and excellent performing arts programs,” O Mealey said. “But actually being a part of North has exceeded my expectations. This is a dream job for me.”

English teacher Zachary Powell left North and while he was away he did many things including working as a chef, framing houses, and teaching college English.

“I enjoy creating art in some way,” said Powell. “Primarily by writing, but I enjoy painting and photography as well.”

Though he has been gone for a while, Powell said his love for teaching hasn’t changed.

“I think teaching has made me enjoy meeting and talking to many different people,” said Powell. “There are not many fields where you get to know one hundred fifty people closely for a year.”

Powell said he was excited to be back at North because of the tradition and school spirit of the students.

“It’s strange,” Powell said.  “For me coming from Bonner Springs, to see students so engaged with school spirit.”

McKamie also took a few coaching jobs for boys and girl’s tennis and may coach the wrestling team as well, to stay involved at North.

“I love coaching,” McKamie said. “It brings me closer to students I don’t have in class.”

A few students have said they’re excited to see the new faces.

“Its always nice to meet new people,” sophomore Bailey Edwards said. “The more the better honestly. Each teacher has something different they want to share. That’s what I love about North.”

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New and Returning Teachers Enter North